Brand New Young Living Products

New Product Overview

The Young Living 2015 Convention was held in Dallas last week. They unveiled a BUNCH of new products that are available for purchase now and some of them look amazing! I am especially excited about the new kids diffusers. They act as a humidifier as well and just look cool. Here is a breakdown of the new items:

Nutrition Upgrades

NingXia Zyng

Young Living is constantly striving to provide us with optimal nutrition. They have added a new product to the NingXia line called NingXia Zyng. This product is hydrating and refreshing with just 35 calories per can.  This is an obvious choice to replace sugar laden soda. It contains NingXia wolfberry puree which provides actual nutritional value.

Master Formula

This is a reformulation of Young Living’s Master His and Hers supplements into one amazing dietary supplement. It contains vitamins, nutrients and essential oils of course. This will be available sometime this fall.

Pure Protein Complete

Young Living has re-formulated their protein supplement. It now provides a whopping 25 grams of protein from 5 different protein sources. It also supports ATP production which is an energy source of the body.

Chocolate-Coated Slique Bars

These snack bars are literally nutrition from around the globe including the best of the best. They contain NingXia wolfberries, Baru nuts, quinoa and chia seeds just to get started. Of course a proprietary blend of essential oils to make these even more  yummy and coated with chocolate…yum! Less calories and carbs than a candy bar and more nutritionally dense than most protein bars.

Clean Green

Young Living has heard our pleas for more great non-toxic cleaning products. They have expanded everyone’s favorite Thieves line to now include 4 new products!

Thieves Laundry Soap

Now your clothes will be infused with the cleaning power of Thieves, Jade Lemon, and Bergamot essential oils. Talk about great smelling clothes. 64 loads per bottle too because a little goes a long way.

Thieves Dish Soap

Infused with Thieves essential oil for a natural way to clean those dishes.

Thieves Fruits & Veggie Soak & Spray

Whether you are soaking and cleansing a sink full of fruits or veggies or just cleaning a single piece of fruit real quick when you are on the go. This is a terrific product to wash off any chemicals and dirt that may be left behind on your foods.

Kiddie Diffusers

Now your kids can enjoy their essential oils in their own fun new diffuser. One KidScent diffuser is a volcano called Dino Land, the other is set upon a Dolphin Reef. The tops are interchangeable and look for other new designs in the future.


Cool Azul Sports Gel captures the unique cooling sensation when applied topically. Great for pre and post work outs, and infused with essential oils.

New Essential Oils

Northern Lights Black Spruce

This new oil – Northern Lights Black Spruce – comes from a new Young Living farm in Canada. This essential oil has a subtlety woodsy aroma that you will love! It is invigorating too.

Light The Fire

Light the Fire essential oil blend keeps the flames burning from the Young Living 2015 Convention. This is the perfect name and the perfect oil to light your fire in life. In what areas do you need your fire lit? You will be inspired.

Don’t Miss Out

These great products are available to order now! If you are not yet a part of Young Living you really should look into it. The products are amazing and there is absolutely no pressure to sell. Just buy what you want and take advantage of the 24% discount. click here for more info and start your oil adventure today.

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